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XM is the Alternative

The Alternative

With over 90% of the media in the world placed by six holding companies, it's clear that the media services industry needs an alternative. The holding companies and the largest independents still operate under the legacy model of transacting time and space. Crossmedia is a future-built agency, one that focuses on solving problems. We are a super-charged, 100% transparent, highly analytical, totally integrated, creative media agency. And, we like to have fun.

Crossmedia is not for everyone, and that’s okay. We know the strongest partnerships are those built on shared values. We love working with ambitious clients and smart creative agencies who understand that media is a true differentiator in the communications process. If you are thinking the same way, then perhaps we should talk.

100% Transparent

One of the most important yet least discussed areas in our industry is that of transparency. To us, it goes beyond public relations and conference talk. It's core to who we are as a business. Crossmedia may be the only media agency on the planet that promises 100% transparency; No kickbacks, no arbitrage, no double dipping in programmatic buying and no "proprietary" tools white-labeled from off the shelf products. What you see is what you get. We make money the old fashioned way - we earn it.

Insanely Collaborative

Imagine a world where media and creative actually get along. Imagine relationships that are built on respect, confidence and simple likeability. Imagine agency partners who actually like working with others and who are comfortable with fluid roles. It's what we do. Collaboration is in our DNA. Since 2000, we've been bringing creative and media together in a way that blurs the line between content and delivery.  We call it "creadia."

No Silos

By definition, Crossmedia has no silos. Our fully integrated account teams operate in a channel neutral fashion across all media. From data to performance media, planning to buying, Crossmedia is an agile group that can strategize, analyze and execute in real time. Or, as we like to say – we're built the way people consume media, not the way media is purchased.

Big on Data

We believe big data should be democratic, agile and accessible to all advertisers - regardless of size.

Crossmedia Redbox is our holistic and fully integrated advanced analytics offering. It is not a proprietary tool or a dashboard or department. Rather, it's a philosophy for how we approach data science and translate it into action. The framework is organized around five pillars: health, expression, attribution, performance and mix. Simple, robust and most importantly, based on the fundamental desire of our clients' need to reconcile the competing objectives of building long-term brand equity while generating short-term response.


We are a determined and crazy ambitious bunch. We have over 400 Crossmedians across six offices in the U.S. and Germany. But wait, there's more. We've built international solutions across multiple continents for clients interested in bucking the network model for a more customized and streamlined approach to global media services.

Culture Like No Other

This is advertising. It's supposed to be fun and crazy and creative and intense and fueled by passion and ideas. We are advertising lovers, burger(day) fiends, fine art curators, top chefs, ballers and pack runners. And those are only the in-office programs. Does it work? We have a 90+% retention rate over the past three years and maybe the most ethnically diverse make-up in the business.