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The Maturation Of Brands

Brands are starting to grow up, and that’s a good thing. We’re seeing that the “lowest common denominator” attitude when it comes to marketing has slowly been replaced with a frank and open discussion between mature brands and consumers.

It’s not so much about the shock value, but more about an exchange with consumers that is about brutal honesty, and transparency. Take the Unicef example above, it’s honest, and is engaging consumers in a way that is no longer asking nicely, but DEMANDING action.

This maturation is about brands moving from the “customer first” position and taking the proactive step of asking consumers to take notice. As always, they have to care about what you’re asking them to do, but it’s the beginning of a new wave in marketing.

What does media have to do with all this? Media needs to be right on the ground floor for this new wave of branding. You can’t have maturation in messaging and then a disconnect in Media, it’s just not going to work. Creative and Media working together form the very beginning can amplify and enhance the mature messaging, and make sure that it does not end up looking foolish in the execution.

Get mature already.