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The latest from inside and outside our walls.

What's on tap

The latest from inside and outside our walls.

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Google's Free Advanced Attribution Offering Is Touch & Go

Google recently announced that it was introducing an advanced attribution solution for marketers: A multi-touch attribution lens that fractionalizes conversion credit across touchpoints as they’re observed to drive consumers through the funnel. 

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Lee Beale - Media All-Stars 2017

Lee Beale Named One Of The Most Innovative Agency Executives In Media Planning And Buying

Adweek salutes the 2017 class of Media All-Stars honoring the top agency executives who are boldly reimagining the media buying landscape.

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Kamran 40 over 40

Digital 40 Over 40 2017: Kamran Asghar

Asghar, a former planning director at Ogilvy & Mather, launched Crossmedia with Martin Albrecht in 2000. The company was launched on the belief that media is creative and designed to master the fast-growing digital marketplace.

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Digiday Sunshine Agency

Digiday: The Sunshine Agency

Crossmedia's growing fast by promising clients a lot more transparency

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Agencies 3.0

These 12 Agencies Have Masterfully Adapted in an Increasingly Digital Marketplace

Call it the little media agency that could. Crossmedia, formed in 2000 and allied with German media independent Crossmedia GmbH, has worked to outfit itself with all the tools of its larger holding company rivals. 

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Dogfish Head Brewery Beers

Dogfish Head Brewery Partners with Crossmedia to Amplify Media Efforts

Crossmedia announced today that it has been named media agency for Dogfish Head Brewery, the rapidly growing brewery based in Milton, Delaware, that was featured in the documentary Beer Wars and in the Discovery Channel series Brew Masters. Crossmedia is the brand's first media agency in its 22-year history.

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Cup o Noodles

Crossmedia Announces Win of Nissin Foods Media Agency of Record Account

Independent media agency Crossmedia, announced today that it was named media agency of record (AOR) for Nissin Foods (USA), makers and distributors of instant ramen noodle products iconic Cup Noodles, Top Ramen, Bowl Noodles, Souper Meal, Ramen Noodles and Nissin Raoh.

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U.S. Bank Taps Crossmedia as Media Agency of Record

The Minneapolis-based bank, which is operated by U.S. Bancorp, initiated a review of its media-planning and -buying business in the spring before awarding the account to Crossmedia, an independent shop, earlier this year. 

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100% transparent

XM Thought Leadership: Programmatic Transparency

Last week, The IAB launched a programmatic transparency calculator. It’s thought provoking. It’s asking all the right questions. It could generate an important dialogue. But no one is going to use it.

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White Castle

White Castle Names Resource/Ammirati as Its New Agency

Ammirati has won the White Castle account following a competitive pitch. Rojek Consulting handled the review, which began in July. The incumbent, Omnicom's Zimmerman, had handled the fast-food brand’s creative and media efforts since 2009.

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GNC Store front

GNC Replaces Carmichael Lynch With 3 Shops

Under new executive leadership, GNC is replacing Carmichael Lynch as the agency of record on its company’s $30 million account. Taking over for the Minneapolis shop is creative lead Consigliere in Brooklyn, N.Y.; the media planning and buying shop Crossmedia, New York; and digital agency 22squared in Atlanta.

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Shipping freighter

Three Reasons International Media Procurement Beats the Global Media Solution

With a new approach to international media services – "International Media Procurement" – CROSSMEDIA has introduced a new service and business model ensuring the agency can stay focused on what it does best: providing excellent advice.

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AdExchanger Logo

AdExchanger: Comparing Apples To Apples And Other Questions For Auditors

In order for an audit to be more than just a routine and expensive bureaucratic exercise, advertisers should ask themselves and their auditors several questions when developing their audit process.

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100% transparent

5 Takeaways from the 2016 ANA Financial Management Conference

2016's ANA Financial Media Conference in Boca Raton was unprecedented in attendance. Lots of new energy and many familiar faces. Yet despite all of new the attention, very few "sparks" flew (where’s John Mandel hiding?).

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Kamran Media All-star

Media All-Star In The Haus

Relying on their skills and talents, the 12 media agency executives (actually, 11 executives and one rising star) who make up this year’s group of Media All-Stars have bent technology to their will and devised unique strategies to deliver the goods for their clients.

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Martin Albrecht

Real-Time With Crossmedia’s Albrecht On Transparency

Programmatic has caught hold around the globe, which is why I'm always eager to hear new perspectives from people stationed in other countries.

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Super Bowl XLVIII Game Ball

Super Bowl XLVIII Advertising Effectiveness Analysis

Super Bowl advertising needs a few stars to align in order to demonstrate effectiveness against key health measures.

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Kamran Asghar Agency Post

Agency Post: Interview with Kamran Asghar

The Agency Post sits down with Kamran Asghar, Co-founder and President of Crossmedia, to talk about the agency and what differentiates it from other agencies.

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Crossmedia Agency Portrait

Adweek: This Agency Blends Art and Science for Clients

Creativity and analytics can be like oil and water, but Crossmedia blends them into an attractive offering for small and midsize clients across paid, owned and earned media.

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Apple devices

Beyond the Device

If you're reading any agency blog, you’re probably running into a whole mess of articles about tablets becoming the new normal, the fight for the living room media hub or smartphone adoption.

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Crossmedia Guy lifting off

The Rise (Not Demise) of the Independent Media Agency

More and more today, clients are demanding agencies be agile, data driven and creative. Oh, and they want everything on the cheap. Independent agencies can combine all of this while also delivering a superior cultural product (I call it likability).

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QR Code with coffee ring

Best and Worst Invention Ever

QR Code: "Scan Me!!!!!" Consumer: "Why?" This is where we are now in the world of the QR code.

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Zero vaccines ad

The Maturation Of Brands

We’re seeing that the “lowest common denominator” attitude when it comes to marketing has slowly been replaced with a frank and open discussion between mature brands and consumers.

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