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Anything, Anytime? Now you’re speaking my language because The Crave is a Powerful Thing.

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  • RedBox analytics

  • Attribution analysis

  • Integrated performance dashboards

Established in 1921 as the original and very first QSR burger chain, White Castle is the home of The Slider, is still family owned, and is located across 11 regions across the United States. We are proud to say that #burgerday is everyday now that White Castle is part of the Crossmedia family.

White Castle chose to partner with Crossmedia and creative agency Resource/Ammirati to further help revitalize the brand and take them to the next level. The goal was to attract and engage more Millennials while not alienating, losing relevance to their core consumers who happen to be 35+. In 2015, the big brand campaign we rallied behind was “Anything, Anytime” in which we announced to the masses that not only does White Castle serve breakfast, they serve it all day long just like the rest of their menu. So Anyone can get Anything they want on the menu Anytime you want it. A true competitive edge.

Through the integration and application of Data Analytics and Mix Modeling insights to fuel our planning, we strategically pivoted from the historical media mix to one that was more robust and engaging to secure the reach of the broad audience and also works to revive brand relevance amongst the younger audience. The key was to shift their perception of White Castle through better story telling. A message with value. Custom content acted as their guide to the top 12 things to mix n’ match at 3 am and a build-your-own mobile coupon allowed them to exercise free will to choose specific items they wanted to save money on. After all, “Anything, Anytime” is a mantra that Millennials live by and we used that to our advantage and spoke their language.

The campaign helped increase Millennial Ad Awareness by over 85%, Brand Consideration by 25% and Current Customer by over 35%. Even more importantly, 2015 proved to be an even more incredible year for White Castle, beating their sales numbers and goals.

The Crave is definitely real. And so are results.

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